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Brief Rules

The following in-game activities are not permitted:

  • using bots, cheating, exploiting bugs;
  • impersonating an Administrator;
  • power-leveling or disturbing other players;
  • advertising, political propaganda;
  • violating laws, including intellectual property laws;
  • placing the harmful information;
  • selling and trading of game accounts;
  • fraud

The following activities are not permitted in chat or the game forum:

  • using insults and threats;
  • using profanity of any kind;
  • flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK);
  • acquiring other players' passwords;
  • trolling;
  • encouraging others to violate rules;
  • public discussion of moderators' and Administration's actions.

Players are not allowed to create posts and messages that:

  • Are similar to existing ones in terms of content;
  • Contain oversized images or text;
  • Do not correspond to the scope of the forum or category in which they are posted;
  • Is necroposting;
  • Contain no useful information;
  • Quote a large amount of information;
  • Are personal conversations (use PM for private discussions).

In-game Rules

Welcome to Tanki Online! Here people from all over the world enjoy operating huge battle machines, taking part in fierce battles! Players can fight by themselves or team up to fight for victory side by side. They can also socialize and find new friends. Tanki Online is an easy-to-learn multiplayer action game, a stage for serious battles, and a great social network.

After completing the registration process, each Player receives a virtual tank and 5 crystals (the in-game currency). By winning battles, Players increase their rating and earn new ranks and crystals. Crystals can be used to purchase useful ammunition and buy or upgrade tanks, guns and armor.

Tanki Online isn't just an exciting online game. It's a community of people who share the same interests. We encourage mutual respect and politeness and strongly discourage offensive behavior and/or violating other users' rights. Tanki Online's Administrators reserve the right to limit users' communication abilities, lower their ratings, and/or block their accounts should they violate the game rules.

  1. The following activities are not permitted and will lead to (at Administration discretion) a permanent ban, penalty or account suspension:
    1. using third-party applications or other software to improve your game opportunities or automate gameplay (i.e. bots, cheating);
    2. falsely claiming to be a member of the game's support staff or any project help groups (administrators, moderators, consultants), either former or current;
    3. creation of game accounts with obscene nicknames, and creation of nicknames containing flood, sendings to cheats, hyperlinks, parts of nicknames of employees of technical support;
    4. using and distributing any content or language that is explicitly sexual, harmful, threatening, abusing, harassing, defamatory, hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable (including but not limited to ethnically or racially based verbal abuse). This rule applies to user messages, user names, nicknames, descriptions, in-game notes (including but not limited to offensive and inappropriate clan names, descriptions and messages);
    5. distributing pornographic images and video and/or messages that encourage violence, terrorism and extremism, racial or religious intolerance in any form. Propaganda and distribution of Nazi attributes or symbols, encouraging international dissension is forbidden (Article 20.3, “Propagation and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols,” enacted on 25.07.2002, N 112-FZ). While giving this warning, we hope that our players will understand these limits.
    6. exploiting software errors (bugs) in the game and forwarding information about them to third parties other than the Administration;
    7. - achieving experience points by deliberate inaction or help from the other team's players in 'Capture the Flag' or 'Control Points' or 'Team Deathmatch' mode or from opponents in 'Deathmatch' mode (so-called power-leveling);
    8. complete or partial forwarding, transferring, reproduction, placement or distribution by any way of the software received by means of Game or other materials protected by intellectual property right (drawings, films, music, verses, trademarks and so forth) or other rights, without the permission of the owner (however, it's not that hard to gain permission if it's for a good cause. Just write to us!);
    9. advertising or encouraging the illegal act of purchasing, selling, trading or gifting any account, for free as well as for in-game or 'real' currency;
    10. discrimination against inexperienced players (noobs): misinformation, harassment, mocking;
    11. intentionally obstructing the gameplay of the team that the Player's tank belongs to;
    12. publishing messages that use religious symbols in order to insult or hurt religious people's feelings;
    13. creating additional accounts for power-leveling your main account;
    14. battling between accounts owned by the same Player;
    15. making arrangements with other Players to fight 'half-heartedly' with the purpose of power-leveling. Should such battles be discovered, both Players will be punished;
    16. transferring your account information to another Player;
    17. using the game and/or incident services for fraudulent activities, including but not limited to fraudulent in-game financial operations;
    18. fraud – receiving in-game currency by utilizing fraudulent schemes. Fraud is punished by confiscation of all crystals received from fraudulent activities and a penalty totaling 25% of all achievements. Punishment is executed without prior notifications;
    19. As it is not always possible to determine the nature and scope of violations, the Administration reserves the right to make final decisions.
  2. The following activities are not permitted and will result in (at Administration discretion) a temporary or permanent suspension from the chat and forum:
    1. insulting other users, sending provocative messages via chat, disturbing other chat users' communication, swearing;
    2. using profane language (anywhere, in any form) expressly or implicitly;
    3. flooding (sending messages that contain repetitive symbols, posting more than one same or similar posts, using more than 5 identical punctuation marks, symbols or letters in a row, using more than three smileys in a row), sending spam. Messages with no meaning and the so-called cheat-codes (addscore, Buy_krictals_in_the_panzer_) are also considered flooding;
    4. flaming (arguing 'just for arguing,' exchanging messages in multi-user communication services (forums, chatrooms) that constitute a verbal war, often irrelevant to the initial subject of discussion);
    5. attempting to acquire passwords, other account information and/or other private information from players or any other game and/or incident services user;
    6. trolling (encouraging community members to perform activities that might cause adverse consequences, creating user names or engaging in other activities that might cause conflicts or insult community members);
    7. posting advertisements without prior consent from the Administration;
    8. performing or inciting a third party to perform actions which are illegal, including actions related to drugs, terrorism, attacks on legal authorities of any nature, pornography or any form of discrimination (e.g., by gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion);
    9. spreading political propaganda, political promotions, pre-election campaigning of any kind;
    10. spreading content that is of explicitly sexual nature or that is otherwise not suitable for minors (remember, there are children playing here as well);
    11. making real-life threats;
    12. posting or uploading software that may damage the game or other people's computers;
    13. - falsifying, deleting or disabling any copyright, exclusive rights information, including links to the game credits, legal copyright, exclusive rights information and other such messages or notices, as well as the indications of the source or origin of the software or other content;
    14. unreasonable, disrespectful criticism of the game and its authors, Owner; any activities that have an adverse effect on project development;
    15. Private messages (PM) are an integral part of the forum.
    16. The Administration reserves the right to delete any message as they see fit or to move posts created in wrong forum categories into the appropriate category without explanation.
    17. typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or using TOO MaNYCaPITaLLettERS (CAPS LOCK)
    18. public discussion of moderation and Administrators' activities.
  3. It is also prohibited to create new forum threads and posts that:
    1. Deal with issues recently discussed and/or questions whose answers are contained in the standard help information (Rules, FAQ, Plans and so on). Please use Search to find answers to your questions. Be attentive and make sure you look through the existing threads before making a new one. Remember, your reluctance to use other people's written experience works against you. Long-time forum members are tired of seeing new topics with the same old questions. So don't be surprised if your thread is locked or deleted, and you receive a warning;
    2. Do not comply with the scope of a certain forum/section/category.
    3. Contain ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or TOO MaNYCaPITaLLEttERS in the post title or body;
    4. Contain decorations such as ==- My thread -== in post title or body;
    5. Contain text with font size exceeding 24;
    6. Contain information that does not reflect the issue discussed (such as "Help", "Please answer") in the thread title or description.
    7. Quote overly large blocks of text or images from previous posts, unless necessary;
    8. Continue discussing topics that have been locked or deleted by the Administration. To contact the Administration, use Private Messages;
    9. Personally address forum members. Use Private Messages for personal communication. Having personal discussions while solving in-game issues is allowed;
    10. Contain one or more images over 640x480 pixels. You can enclose such images as attachments to your post.

For these and other violations, the Administration reserves the right to punish the Player (user) immediately and without prior notification, by denying access, in part or in whole, to the game and any or all of its services.

If you see someone violating the rules, you can inform any of the online Moderators via Private Message (you can see who is online at the bottom of the forum main page, including the moderator list in the present thread). Make sure that your PM includes a clear description of the violation and a screenshot from the chatroom proving the violation.

The Administration operates the game at its own discretion; however, it listens to the community's opinion.

The Player (user) uses the game and its services at their own risk, according to the 'as is' principle. In no event will the Administration be liable for any direct or indirect damage the Player may sustain from receiving or failing to receive game services.

The forum and chat are for people of the age of 16 and older. When the User passes to a forum or in a chat, he confirms that he is 16 and older.

These rules may be modified by the administration without prior notification. The user is obliged to check the rules for modifications no less than once every seven days (that is, on a weekly basis). If the user continues to use any of the game's services without checking with the rules, it will be assumed that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the revised version of the rules and has agreed to abide by them.