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Group Responsibilities
Developers They develop, fix and change the project. Developers don't take part in moderation.
Technical Support Also known as help@tankionline.com. They deal with account thefts, blocks and unblocks, mistakes in payments, items that disappeared from Garage. Technical support takes part in moderation of the project.
Moderators' administrators They control activites of moderators, deal with wrong bans, handle complaints about moderators' work.
Chat moderators They observe the chat to make sure nobody's breaking any rules and deal with violations.
Forum moderators They monitor the game forum to make sure there are no violations of the rules.
Consultants' administrators They control consultants' activities, handle complaints about consultants' actions.
Consultants They help players with advice. In case there are no moderators around they can receive complaints of violations and then pass it to moderators.

Moderators and consultants as well as administrators of these groups are not responsible for the game's availability.